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G-Joist team: Tuomo Poutanen

Tuomo Poutanen
Dr. Tech, Professor
Patent Attorney

Tuomo Poutanen started the timber truss business in the 1970s as an entrepreneur, when his office designed about one-third of the metal connector trusses produced in Finland.

In the 1980s Poutanen had his own truss testing laboratory where he developed a new truss analysis model and defended this model in his dissertation in 1995.

In 1978 Poutanen invented and patented a unique barbed connector plate. This plate has had virtually 100% market share in Finland during recent decades.

In 1990 Tuomo Poutanen joined Tampere University where he continues research on structural probability theory with his research group.

G-Joist is a new disruptive wood innovation.
We believe it will be Finland’s next unicorn.

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