G-Joist is the universal floor and roof which prefabricates the construction with wood

Testing of G-Joist

G-Joist is the universal floor and roof which prefabricates the construction with wood

G-Joist is a superior floor and roof

Steel joint

Current timber trusses are made of steel joints. They are expensive, unecological, and not suitable for prefabrication.


G-Joist has glued joints

Glue is the cheapest, stiffest, and often the strongest timber joint. The glue joint cost is about 90% lower than the steel joint cost.

G-Joist has multiple unique characteristics: least overall cost, least CO2 emission, upper support, billet manufacturing, commercial building without a skeleton, no open routings, and exposed use is possible.

G-Joist enables full construction prefabrication, which is the demand for effective manufacture. It means that the buildings are made of flat cassettes and shallow joists.

With 20 years of research behind and four approved patents, G-Joist is now ready for international markets.

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G-Joist has following patents:

  • US11220821: The web finger punches the chord, which enables high resistance, reliability, and glued trusses in roofs.
  • US11162262: Glued timber truss which can be arbitrarily trimmed and cut, enables billet production and effective logistics.
  • EP3620588: Glued timber truss with arbitrary web assembly,  enables the production of automatic custom trusses.
  • US7975736: A robust glued timber truss made of glulam where the joint is processed by moving the cursor in the axial direction.


G-Joist tests

We are currently having a pilot of semi-automatic production for floors by Teeri-Kolmio, www.tk-palkki.fi (in Finnish).

National authority approval.

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