the universal
floor and roof

G-Joist enables prefabrication of floors and roofs

the universal
floor and roof


G-joist: least weight, cost, CO2 emission,
most flexible, and longest span

Prefabrication is the preferred method for cost-effective construction. Current trend for efficient erection are floor cassettes with the shallowest depth floor and roof system. G-Joist is an ideal floor and roof joist for preassembled cassettes offering the lowest cost, excellent flexibility, and superior depth-to-span ratio, G-joist spans up to 30 m (90 ft).

G-Joist has least material

Least material

G-Joist is all wood

All wood

G-Joist is most ecological

Most ecological

G-Joist is most cost-effective

Most cost-effective

About us

Our mission is to change
the construction paradigm

Globally, 70 % of all structural construction material is used in floors and roofs. G-Joist has the least material, is the most ecologically responsible, and is the most cost-effective and flexible.

Our team at G-Joist continues to develop glued timber truss technology, holds the Intellectual Property Rights, product knowledge, patents, and approvals, licenses localized independent manufacturers, and develops proprietary assembly machinery.

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