Market and
of G-Joist

Testing of G-Joist

Market and
of G-Joist

Market of 40€ billion in total

It is easy to scale the license-based G-technology. Local timber and adhesive can be used. G-Joist enhances the green, wood-based construction. G-Joist is the most cost-effective timber floor and roof and is competitive against steel and concrete, too.




We are looking funding for commercialization the G-Joist.

Next steps

  • Automatic production line
  • EU and US approvals
  • Software
  • Technical instructions

Business model

  • G-Technology license selling
  • Production line selling
  • Production of G is very profitable for the licensee
  • EBIT of 38%

Target 10th year

  • Use of timber in construction increases 2.5 mill m3
  • CO2 emission decreases 1.6 mill ton

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